Do Black Women Really Hate Their Hair?

Interesting topic suggestion brought up by my very own brother. We shall revisit the hair debate again.

The braiding, straightening and adorning of hair is all to make one feel good about oneself and/or to attract another person. I mean can we keep it real. So, what decision is best when the two goals become mutually exclusive.

Real conversation:

Me: When you straighten your hair, the heat can break the bonds just like a chemical. Then your hair won't revert back to curls.

Girl: I know, I know. Let me get married first.

Me: o_0

I have heard this more than once. The idea that a man (read: black man) does not like his woman's hair to be, dare I say it, NAPPY!

Real conversation:

Me: I don't understand the Rapunzel weaves. So much hair.

Guy: I don't understand why everyone wants to be natural all of a sudden.

Me: o_0

Do black women really hate their hair?

*insert Sheryl Underwood post*


I Am Not My Hair but I’m Glad It Is There

lol. Some title, huh?

A very benevolent friend offered to clip my ends for me. She is natural like me and hair is always so fly. She straightens, trims and styles my hair beautifully.

I notice that my hair has grown quite a bit. Although natural, my hair was drying out and breaking off something terrible. I realized that my beloved Kinky Kurly products had alcohol on them. Yes, drying, make-your-hair-brittle-and-break alcohol. So maybe two months ago, I started usung Shea Moisture.


Me being the Facebook self-hpto taker that I am, I take some pics and post them.I am talking to a good friend and the topic turn my hair.

Friend: Your hair is your glory. Dom't ever cut your hair or you're gonna have one less friend.

Me: Really? Thanks but I would like to think that I am more than my hair.

Friend: Yes you are. . .plus if you do, it'll grow back.

Me: 0_O

What is it with men and hair? I guess I should poll the guys I know.Since, gowing natural about 4 years ago, I have heard some strange comments about my hair.

Mom: You look like you put your finger in a socket.

Sister: You need a perm or a hot comb.

Brother: Wearing your hair natural makes you look old.

With support like that, what is a girl supposed to do?

I will occasionally wear my hair straightened but I refuse to become a slave to my hair. I did have a momentary lapse. I wanted my hair to last at least through Sunday so I tried to avoide humidity and perspiration. Not an easy feat in 90 degree weather. I thought this is nuts. I want to swim, workout, walk in the rain whenever I feel like it. With my new fitness kick, I cannot be worried about my hair 'going back'. I did my 3 miles on the trail today and bid my Farra Fawcet hair good bye. A good wash and my curls were back. 

Today, I walk into the breakroom and this guy says, "Hey, I thought you got your hair done?"

Me: "I did but it was not meant to last."

Guy: "Oh, I thought you got a perm or something. I thought you were all like the natural sista."

Me: "I am. No perm, no going back."

It was nice while it lasted.

Does your hair keep you from working out?

The Daniel Fast and Other Stuff

I am attempting the Daniel Fast again. I lasted 7 days before but now I have a website with recipes. I am also equiped with mangoes.

I used to be intimidated by mangoes and would never by them. Now, I have learned what a ripe mango looks and tastes like and I am hooked.

I went to the fruit market today and they were on sale for 88 cents each.


In other Talulazoeapple news, I think I have another crush. It's funny because a friend was like,  ooh I was gonna try to hook you guys up but blah, blah, blah. 

It all started with that darn Red Revival lipstick episode. Now he is all smiles and conversations. Unlike cute puerto rican dude, I am deliberately coy. It's all in good fun anyway.

BUT, I may just have to buy a couple flowers for my hair. *see this post*

Another Hair Post – Carol’s Daughter

I am SO disappointed. I SO wanted to like this product line.

You may know the story. A woman made some concoctions in her kitchen for hair, started selling it, made it big. Now she has big-time sponsors, Jada, Mary J, Oprah – so I HAD to try it.

I ordered the Hair Milk, Hair Butter, and Herbal Mint Shampoo from Carol's Daughter.


OMG. The stuff reeks. I mean it smells like the girl in class whose hair wouldn't grow so her mother put that awful Sulfur 8 hair grease in her head. Then gym came and the poor girl started to sweat and, well, you know the rest.

It left my hair soooo oily and grimy looking. I cannot believe it. I wanted to try this over Miss Jessie's product line because Carol's Daughter has natural ingredients and Miss Jessie's uses petroleum. However, Miss Jessie's actually works and Carol's Daughter was a big disappointment. Plus she charges prices equivalent to Aveda brand and uses cheaper ingredients like corn oil. Who wants to use corn oil on their hair?

Maybe she makes products for people with relaxers because they don't work well with my natural hair.

Has anyone used CD and had a different outcome? Please share.