I Am Not My Hair but I’m Glad It Is There

lol. Some title, huh?

A very benevolent friend offered to clip my ends for me. She is natural like me and hair is always so fly. She straightens, trims and styles my hair beautifully.

I notice that my hair has grown quite a bit. Although natural, my hair was drying out and breaking off something terrible. I realized that my beloved Kinky Kurly products had alcohol on them. Yes, drying, make-your-hair-brittle-and-break alcohol. So maybe two months ago, I started usung Shea Moisture.


Me being the Facebook self-hpto taker that I am, I take some pics and post them.I am talking to a good friend and the topic turn my hair.

Friend: Your hair is your glory. Dom't ever cut your hair or you're gonna have one less friend.

Me: Really? Thanks but I would like to think that I am more than my hair.

Friend: Yes you are. . .plus if you do, it'll grow back.

Me: 0_O

What is it with men and hair? I guess I should poll the guys I know.Since, gowing natural about 4 years ago, I have heard some strange comments about my hair.

Mom: You look like you put your finger in a socket.

Sister: You need a perm or a hot comb.

Brother: Wearing your hair natural makes you look old.

With support like that, what is a girl supposed to do?

I will occasionally wear my hair straightened but I refuse to become a slave to my hair. I did have a momentary lapse. I wanted my hair to last at least through Sunday so I tried to avoide humidity and perspiration. Not an easy feat in 90 degree weather. I thought this is nuts. I want to swim, workout, walk in the rain whenever I feel like it. With my new fitness kick, I cannot be worried about my hair 'going back'. I did my 3 miles on the trail today and bid my Farra Fawcet hair good bye. A good wash and my curls were back. 

Today, I walk into the breakroom and this guy says, "Hey, I thought you got your hair done?"

Me: "I did but it was not meant to last."

Guy: "Oh, I thought you got a perm or something. I thought you were all like the natural sista."

Me: "I am. No perm, no going back."

It was nice while it lasted.

Does your hair keep you from working out?