Half-time – Where Do We Go From Here?

The half-way point of anything can be confusing to the unfocused mind. You are not where you started but you are not quite where you would like to be. You ponder:

Is the glass half-empty? Is it half-full? Are we there yet? Are we there yet now?

What do you do?

You keep moving.

I have had many rest stops on this road to fitness. I know full well what the side of giving up looks like. I long to see that place known as the 'Finished Line'.

I look at myself at lot in the mirror. Partly due to vanity. I can cop to that. I am a woman and it comes with the territory. I looked at myself today – full-length. I curled both my arms. I noticed a change. Am I back to stopping traffic with my walk? Not yet, but I am not where I once was. I am stronger, faster, better. I am winning.

I have previously fallen into the trap of complacency. Feeling so high that I have lost a few pounds that I decrease my committment and intensity only to fall by the wayside feeling defeated. Not this time. I have an actual plan of attack.

I encourage myself daily. I have accountability partners. A group of my friends and I do a daily fitness challenge. We check-in with each other on Facebook daily. It is fun and useful.

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the change in yourself – body, attitude, confidence.

There has been some residual effects. I do not accept the poor treatment of others becuase – through fitness - I have learned to make myself the priority. I can say no to food and as an extension no to other things that are not good for me or that are not in my best interest. I have found that people who you love the most can take advantage if allowed. I have found the cure for this. It is the word 'no'.

I am feeling pretty confident about the rest of my journey. I know through it all God is with me. With Him on my side, I cannot, WILL NOT, lose. Except pounds of course. lol

It is like the lyrics to an old song my mom would sing while cleaning the house:

 "I don't feel no ways tired./I've come to far from where I've started from/Nobody told me that the road would be easy/I don't believe you have brought me this far to leave me."

I Am Still Hoping . . .

. . that Lauryn Hill makes a comeback. That I'll lose enough weight to fit into my cute clothes I bought too small on purpose. I still hope that Girlfriends makes a comeback with all of the original cast.

Hope springs eternal.

I hope I can finish my novel. I need an ending. I am waiting on life to provide one for me. Every ending I write seems inauthentic. Should I just commit? IDK.


I am still hoping that I get hired on where I currently work. If that is not God's will, that he will allow me to get the job I am currently interviewing for.

Faith without works is dead.

I hope I get the wish I want that I am keeping to myself for now.

Keep hope alive!

Bionic Dresses and Other Reasons To Work Out

Some people have a certain weight they would like to attain or a certain outfit they would like to fit. I have a state of being I would like to reach.

I want to be bionic.

Wonder woman

Not in a robotic, uncanny valley sort of way but femininely superhuman.

I used to feel bionic. I would put on a dress back when I was a size 10-11 and short circuits. lol


This dress is BIONIC! 

That is my goal when working out and eating from this day forward.

Once I am stopping traffic again with one strut down a side walk, leaping over haters in a single bound, and catching fish without hooks, I will have reached my goal.

Until then. . .

My Dear Readers . . .

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime/ Jamais je ne t'oublierai. . .


My Graduation Flowers and My Painting

But baby I'm back.

If you have been following my blog over the past few years, you have seen my struggle and progress.

The things I have prayed for years ago are now coming to fruition. I am learning to get my life in divine alignment and think in terms of eternity. *Courtesy of Bishop TD Jakes**

I happy to say that I am now an MBA graduate.  I am once again a published writer. I am writing for an MBA Association. It felt really goods to see my real name, lol, in a byline. I know good things are headed my way.

Approximately three years ago, Bishop Jakes preached a message that mentioned how three years of struggle can lead to a lifetime of breakthrough. I have been in Texas now exactly three years. I graduated last Friday. I am in my breakthrough season.

What is in store for me, my dear readers? You have to stay tuned to find out.

P.S. Expect some major changes to this blog. It's gonna blow your mind!!!!

If you love me, leave a comment!!! lol