Note to Old Married Men. . .

. . .don't nobody want you like that! LOL

There is a guy who is waay to flirty . . .and old. . .and short. . .and married. Did I mention he was old? lol

Anywho, there is another dude who is also less older, taller, married. . .and a Christian. I prefer to laugh and talk with old, tall dude because he is RESPECTFUL, never makes sexual references, and is cool. Unlike old, short dude who is ALWAYS making sexual references, complains about his wife and is sooooo immature for his age.

So old, short dude comes at me like, "Leave old, tall dude alone. He is married."

So, I am like, "WTH?"

And old, short dude is like, "I see how you are with him."

So, I'm like, "Well, dude you are TOTALLY clueless." lol

There is nothing LESS attractive than an immature man, EXCEPT, an immature OLD MAN.

I did not want to hurt his feelings but I am sooo NOT attracted to old men. I enjoy their company probably due to some latent daddy issues but. . .

 . . .I can't get jiggy with that!

Now I feel all weird around, old, tall dude. I think too myself, Am I too nice or flirty with him?  I know with guys there is little room between nice and schwing!

I don't know. What do you guys think?

**Side note** The two guys have the same first name. Coincidence?