You May Imperfect to Some but Perfect for One

I ran across this Youtube video and it really spoke to an experience I had gone through. One of the key components of my personality is a great sense of humor. I have the inate ability to make people smile and laugh. I have been told this too many times by too many people. I even consider it a gift. It is like don't bring your blues around me because I am gonna make you laugh by conversation's end.

So it kind of stung a bit when a guy friend basically told me that I joke too much. Mind you, I joke because this person can be such a perpetual bore. I have to crack jokes to keep from falling asleep. I seriously thought for a moment, well, maybe I should not be funny around him. One problem – I am funny and funny am I. Why should I have to change who I am fundamentally to engage in conversation with you? Maybe it is not me  whom your really want to speak.

Church? Amen!

Then I found Trent Shelton's video. Take a gander.


What do you think?



No Man Is An Island – The Story of My Dead Car Battery

Every time I plan to have an eventful weekend, God must have other plans. So, Thursday evening comes and I am on my way to knock out my laundry before the weekend because I have got big plans baby and my car will not start. No buzz, no stall, just nada. I am frantically looking around for a cause when I have to face the fact that my battery is dead. I call for Emergency Roadside Assistance and they jump me. I call a friend to talk away the 30 minutes that they want me to idle the car. I even drive around a bit. I get back to my park, turn the car off and it will not start again! I call the ERA again and the guys says well your battery is dead!

I call friend back. I am all on the phone like, what to do, what to do? When my friend (who is in another state) says, "Don't you know anyone that you can  call to help you?"


"Okay, here's the the thing friend", I say to him, "I HATE asking people for help. Loathe it". He says that I need to get over that. (I don't know why the truth from someone else is so much easier to swallow) So, I call a coworker who picks me up for work the next day and drops me back off. Then, I call The Kid. I am sure you remember him but I refuse to link to any blog posts, too many people read my blog now. lol

To make a long story, less long, The Kid comes over and does the whole man versus car thing. We are in the Autozone and I start to say something when The Kid steps up and carries the conversation with the attendant. I do not know what happened (I am blaming the 90 degree heat and hormones, yep that's it) but I just thought if this is not the manliest thing. lol

I know, I need prayer. Okay pray for me but my car works and all is well again. Well, almost. I kinda stepped out of me for a minute and told The Kid something that on a normal day I would not have. I will not divulge now. I will save that for a future post entitled, "Why Am I Such A Dork?"


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Getting Through Valentine’s Day

I have never been a sad-faced depressed gal around V-Day but this one was bit difficult. I got up early to catch the morning service. I got in my car even drove around the block but the fog was so heavy I could barely see in front of me. So, I grab breakfast and headed home.

Took a nap and tried again at eleven o'clock. I sat in service without really feeling I was there. Maybe I should have gone to The Potter's House.

Anyway, I think I am still reeling from news that my friend from high school died. This is the same friend who was helping me with my book. Well, she took her own life. I found this out via a direct message on Facebook. This is the same friend who I reconnected with maybe a year and a half-ago. According to her sister, whom the message came from, she was battling depression.

It's weird because right around the time she must have done this. I spoked to her on the phone and she sounded distant, really distant. I just told her that I was checking in on her and hoped she was okay. She said, thanks for checking in on me. That was really it.

I did not know who to tell because my mom was still getting over the loss of her two friends from last year. I did not want to keep being the bearer of bad news.

I, finally told my mom. Who just said, "Baby, I know how you feel." She also told me that it is good to talk to people and not carry around things inside.

Initially, I was hurt, then confused and then slightly angry at her and myself. Why did I not pick up on something deeper when I spoke to her? Then I felt the Lord give me peace. I don't know how to explain it. It's odd when we fight for life and someone else gives up. I am not judging her, just sorry it happened.

I feel better writing about it – freer.

I am grateful that my family is alive and safe. I am grateful for the friends I do have. I am grateful for the knowledge of God through Christ. It has helped me in many difficult times, such as now.