Insanity, Hunger, and a Mad Hat

I thought I was buying a Gatorade-type drink today. About half-way through it, I realized it was a disguised energy drink. As a result, I was so totally wired. After work, I ran on the track and I did Insanity Day 1 all of the way through. My legs hurt as I am typing. I drank a smoothie for dinner and currently  I am fighting the urge to eat the refrigerator.

Consequently, this post may wander around a bit.

I went to Derby Day at this race track last Saturday. *job-event, no gambler disclaimer*. The hats, the dresses, dapper-dons and the HATS! I felt the urge to be glamorous. Due to a last-minute wardrobe change, I was wearing jeans. I forgot to paint my toes and try as I may, they kept peeking out from under my jeans.


Girl: I love to see black women all dressed up.

Me: Me, too. I need to lose weight. I used to be fly.

Girl: I understand. Me, too girl.

Me: One day I was walking down the street and nearly caused an accident. I miss those days.

Yes. Those are the kinds of things I wish for. To be so fine men lose sight of the road. Vanity is a great motivation.

So, is health.

Someone called today to tell me that their mom had slipped into a diabetic coma. Then she got laid off.  Her mom is better *thank God* but she is still laid off.

*inside voice* why are you so vain, Felicia?

Never say or write anything while you are upset. You will regret it. Even if you the issue is real and you think you are justified. It will come out all wrong and make things worse.

Lesson learned.

Quick. Think of two things no matter how small that went great today. Do you feel better? You should be grateful. It could be worse.

That last paragraph shouldn't be italicized but I am tired of looking back.

Alas, I did not eat the refrigerator. I wrote a blog post instead.

Tell me what you think.