The Dallas Mavericks, and My Very First Parade

So I went to the Dallas Mavericks Parade, my very first parade. It was something else. I really enjoyed myself but not without a few incidents.

First goal was to find a space that was not so crowded. We opted for one block from where the parade began.

Second goal – to avoid your cousins. Ok. I know this sounds sooo wrong at the onset. I am not speaking of African Americans in general. I am however speaking of the group of people that we ended up running smack dab into the middle of.

Who are "your cousins"? Those AA whose behavior makes you question whether or not they have mentally left the plantation.

Case and point – The very nice family we ended up standing behind (they were seated having arrived at 6 AM) were spotted by family member. Yep you guessed it "the cousins." Dudes were grilled out, loud and drinking in public. The nice lady who ended up being the aunt was upset they put beer in her cooler and kept asking her to get them bottles.

True to form, the media spotted every grilled tooth, grinning Negro for an interview including the aforementioned cousins.

My people, my people! 

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Hello Again My Blog Friends

It seems every time I get something started something happens and I fall out of the groove.

C'est la vie.

I started the video blog and my co-host decided she did not want to do it anymore. She has her reasons and its cool but now I don't have a co-host.

I considered doing the show myself but it's more fun to have a wing man.

I am debating going to the Dallas Mavericks parade, afterall, I have never been to a parade before. I hesitate because Dallas is HOTTTTTT!!!! Its been in the high 90s for days. I am not sure how to prepare for weather like that.

I took the day off from work though needed to get some things done.

That's what's up in my world right about now. What's up in yours? Do you wanna co-host with me? lol