P.S. My Gut Feeling Is ALWAYS Right

This past week has been a roller coaster of emotional ups, downs and suspension. Come Monday, I am officially in the second week of my two weeks' notice. With one end in site and a new beginning on the horizon, I   guess this was the devil's time to get busy.

For brevity I'll just focus on the guy.

So this guy that I was not interested in kept finding his way in my space every day, multiple times a day. One day he finds his courage and finally asks me out. . . well, to "hang out." Yes, he is 25 and this is the parlance of 25 year olds.

I kinda blew him off last weekend just because I am too grown for that. Plus, my gut feeling told me he was just too young. UNTIL, I tell a couple of friends who suggest that I give him a shot. Maybe he could turn out to be a good friend. One tactless friend declared that I am insane and will probably be alone forever.

So against my better judgment and Godly discernment, I tell him that I am free this Saturday evening. He agrees that he'll text me later with details. SN: I loathe texting but he is 25 years old.

So Saturday comes. I go to my housing seminar in the morning, wash, get my eyebrows waxed and. . .NOTHING. No call, no text. . nothing!

So Sunday comes and he calls around noon wanting to know what I was up to. His words, "I'm out and about and wanted to know what you had planned today." Um, something that doesn't involve you, kiddo.

So, I politely tell him that I have things to do and that I was free yesterday. He apologizes and says something about hanging out with his friends. He, then, asks what do I have to do. My response, "Some stuff." lol

Dear child, let this be a lesson to you. If you feel you are man enough to approach a grown, independent woman and ask for her time, you better make it worth something.

P.S.S. Dear friends, I'll wait on God thank you.



Dear Single Women: Don’t Be Delusional

Sitting at lunch with a group of people and the conversation turned to relationships. Seated at the table; a 60-year old married man, myself, another girl my age, a divorcee of 40ish and a 40ish single woman/no kids.

The other young woman, let's call her Precious, starts going in about the type of guy she does not want. In the company of these older folks she says she wants a "ten". I, naively, ask, "What's a ten?" I thought she meant on a ratings scale. No, she was talking measurements. *use your imagination* In the company cafeteria! Then she, an overweight woman, stated that she doesn't want a fat guy because she cannot do anything with that.

I am not exaggerating when I say everyone fell silent. This chick was loud, vulgar and rubbing everyone the wrong way. I am surprised Idris Elba had not scooped her up. *insert sarcasm*

I say all that to say why do people expect perfection in a person – physical perfection that is – when they are far from perfect.

I believe it was President Barack Obama who stated be the change you want to see or something like that.

I wonder if we single women hold on waiting for a perfect specimen of man when perfection does not exist and we are not perfect.

What do you think? Am I being to hard on her for just being honest?

So I Finally Got Asked To Dinner. . .

. . .by the wrong guy! lol

Thursday was the last day of my internship. My manager planned this celebration. There was cake and snacks. A lot of people came down to say goodbye.

Soooo my manager starts telling all of the delivery guys throughout the day that it was my last day. This one in particular, I have always known he has liked me. The first day he started work he just stared at me without saying a word. I had a one word. . .creepy! lol


So, gradually he started making small talk. Well long story short, my manager comes into the party and says. "The UPS guy wants to see you before you leave, oh he wants cake." She then hands me a plate of cake and snacks.

So I go back to my desk, he is all like, "You should let me take you to dinner." Blah, blah, blah.

So I say, "Um, that would be ok." I mean what else could I say.

I know you, my frequent readers, are asking, "What's the problem?"

He is kinda cute. He just seems like a neighborhood guy. Those of you who grew up in the hood may know what I mean.

I know I suck. I'm contradictory.  I may as well go buy a couple of cats. It's just that I had a vision of who would ask me out and this wasn't the guy.

He gave his number. So I ask you – should I call?

The Wrong Perception

Ever think you being you is misinterpreted.

Well, yesterday at work, I found out that I am the biggest flirt – female- in our office.

Really? Must be a low bar.

I was then told that it's because the things I say can be taken more than one way. So, is that my fault or your stinking thinking?

*Background* Cute delivery guy is always telling me how good it is that I work inside under the air conditioning and he is all hot outside in the sun.* #fastforward

So the cute delivery guy comes by and says, "You're cool?" and I say, "You're hot?"

This nosy chick is walking by my desk and only hears the, "You're hot?" part and gasps my name.

Delivery guys gets all embarrassed. It was totally awkward.

So I ask the normal girl in the office what was wrong with what I said and the guy who said I was a flirt says, "He totally thought you were calling him hot."


The day before that, The Kid, stops by my desk and we laugh and joke with each other. This other girl says, "Oh my God *insert my name* you were so flirty." I don't even like "The Kid" like that. I just like cracking jokes with him.

Then, this guy who works on another floor comes down and needs help. I offer to help him because THAT'S MY JOB. The same girl is like, "Oh, *insert my name* you are such a flirt, offering to help him."


She later says, "You need to watch that. Guys are gonna get the wrong impression."

Really because I have been here a year and no one has. You have been here a month and well. . .

So am I big flirt or are these girls – and one guy – trippin'