Just Wright Is Such A Good Movie – A Review

How often is the full-figured beauty the romantic lead? How often does she get the handsome guy? Never!!

Come on, you know how it goes. The exponentially shallow, unlikable BUT pretty and skinny lead falls for guy, some misunderstanding happens and later on they work it out and fall in love. Where is the more intelligent, fun, sophisticated and wise full-figured friend? On the sidelines, cheering her skinny friend on. Oh, and if the big girl gets some love, it's with Mr. Boogie Wolf or Sir Snaggle Tooth himself.

Not in Just Wright.


Common is the man. I mean his deliver of his lines is so smooth. It reminded me of Denzel Washington's portrayal of Bleek Gilliam in Mo' Better Blues. And no, I am not exaggerating. I think it's the MC in him.  If a single movie can transform a man into Denzel Washington material, Just Wright just did it.

I never thought of Common as a sex symbol. I think it was the hazy glow created by all of his high yellowness. lol. I know that's wrong but Morris Chestnut and all of his chocolatey greatness makes it hard for men of Common's hue to get their respective sexy on but by Jove, I've think he's got it!


Queen Latifah is a star – pure and simple. She radiates on screen. She has a quiet confidence that announces, yes, the Queen has arrived, whenever the camera is on her.

For example, she shares the screen with the incredibly beautiful Paula Patton. When they are in the same screen shot, Queen Latifah garners your attention. I don't know how she does it but I want to learn.

I won't ruin the ending for you but let's just say the audience applauded!! (This was in the multi-cultural bougie part of town, too!! lol)

Just Wright

Go see it and leave a comment!

P.S. There are a lot of great cameos, including my latest obsession, Laz Alonso.


The Maxwell Concert in Dallas. . .


Must rib a friend who has twice chosen tickets in the NOSE BLEED section of venues but once the music started all was forgiven.

Chrisette Michelle started off. Her voice is amazing. I like her songs. She needed more stage presence but the opening act usually gets no love. She could not use the large screens so she was a tiny dot from our seats. LOL

Common was up next. He seemed to do like a million sings but he was good. I was never interested in seeing a rap artist live. I mean all they do is hop around and say what? Common was very audible. I could understand his words and he is cute. I could actually see him because he was able to use two of the screens.

Airpline Ride 100

Next up MAXWELL.

The first words out of my mouth were. My GAWD! LOL

I was not prepared for all the sexiness at once. lol

And that VOICE. He has come along way from that skinny dude in the shiny pants circa 1996. I still remember that.. .but I miss the hair 🙁

I appreciate that Maxwell seemed to be really enjoying himself and the crowd. He also gave an encore performance of Ascension. (I think that was the song) He came back again just to thank the crowd, introduce the band, and thank the crowd again.

I have only been to gospel concerts except for an Isley Brothers on back in the day. This show was really good.

I know fellow blogger Jazzy was there. I would love to hear her perspective.