My Totally Insane Week


I started the past week with high hopes of finally going HAM on this workout thing. I and some girls from church decided we are going to do the 3-month Insanity workout challenge. Day 1, I thought I was going to pass out. Day 2, I nearly cried real tears. Day 3, I had acting class and missed the group session. No sweat, I came home and did the Billy Blanks Bootcamp. So, i am feeling good. Day 4 i am getting stronger the workout isn't nearly as grueling as Day 1 and 2. 


I am all, I am woman hear me roar and whatnot leaving this girl's house. I am driving and hear something scrubbing my tires. I pull over thinking it's like some cardboard or something. Then I realize someone has smashed into my car, dented the gas tank and fender and apparently kept driving.

I was beyond hurt. I totally panicked. I was scared to drive it because now I am thinking the gas tank has ruptured and the car is going to explode. Just in a panic.

 I went through this range of emotions. Crying, hurt, anger, despondency. I was so emotionally drained and I could not even sleep. Saturday comes and I am tempted to just skip choir rehearsal, church and just lie in my bed all day feeling sorry for myself.


Then I thought, this is just what the enemy wants. To get you off your grind, to cause you to lose focus, and to ultimately fail. After a pep talk from a good friend. I felt better.

The hardest part of the ordeal for me was reaching out to others for assistance. Pride is one heck of a barrier. My praise and worship leader's wife picked me up for rehearsal. My friend, previously referenced on this blog as 'The Kid" drove me home. On the way home, he looked at me and said, "Aww my friend is feeling down." I commented how I was feeling down because during a crisis my family is so far away. He then stated that my church is my family, too – an extension of my family. I am like really, Kid, sometimes you can say the most profound things. It didn't really hit me til later on.


I have learned that I had some hidden pride. It is okay to ask and receive help from others. I know now that I am not alone because God is ever with me and so is my church family.

So thanks hit and run driver. In it all you allowed me to see God and praise Him the more.