Church Socials Or The Dreaded Singles’ Event

I recently attended a singles' event at a local church. It was designed like a "play date" event. I thought why not? I had sworn off such a events previously because they are just too weird. The first one I attended, a couple of years ago , alone. It was a party-type atmosphere at a converted club. The behavior was weird. People sat around not knowing how to act. Should you dance, mingle? What dance goes with Kirk Franklin? Just W-I-E-R-D.

Christian dance 

 So I and friend stopped by a festival first grabbed a bite to eat and headed over to the church. En route my friend says, "You know the game is on tonight?" So the singles' social was planned on a night when most men will be home watching the Mavericks play.

Ominous, much?

We get there and after a few boring Uno games, we mosey over to the Outburts table. A  slightly more fun game of Outburst and all the men are chanting, "Turn On the Game!"

After the Outburst game finally ends, all of the guys in unison head for the exits.

As a single Christian, I understand the need for socials in which you can meet like-minded people for a little fun, get-ta-know-ya. I think it will help if  active singles actually plan the events. May be have it outside of the church campus?

Have any of you attended a great Christian social event? Please describe.

Mission: Get Out and Mingle

I have always been ahead academically and tragically remedial socially. Hey, it's a fact.

Even after last year's resolution to get out twice a month, I didn't.

Well, I have been doubling up. Last week the ballet and this week Brooklyn's Jazz Club with a friend from work. We made an oath to take Dallas by storm or go broke trying! lol

Live jazz and laughs. We even walked around and stepped into some other restaurant club and got a few honks along the way! lol

I am like more confident for some reason and I can't even tell you why. It's like the universe decided that this is my time and flipped a switched.

Watch out world! Stay tuned.