To Chase Or Be Chased

I am at the pharmacist asking about potassium supplements the other day and the guy behind the counter starts flirting big time. We have this long drown out conversation. He is asking the whole where did you go to school, do you have any kids, joke, joke, clever repartee.


He then lets me know that he is actually the pharmcist he just did not put on the white coat. I tease him about looking so young, joke, laugh, clever repartee. Then he says, "Well you probably won't see me again. I got a promotion and I am moving to the other store."

Long story short. He introduced himself, shook my hand and. . . NOTHING!

All that time and he did not ask for my phone number. I was almost tempted to go back and hand him my card but something prevented me – maybe fear or maybe something else.

I always believe that God orchestrates things in HIS divine timing. He will give you your heart desires when your ways please HIM. (Psalms 37:4) I have had plenty of opportunities to date but something is always missing. I call it the "God Thing", the spirit telling me, this is the one. Plus, I am a girly girl and I want to be chased and not the chaser. I may run a little slow or fall so that he can catch up. lol

Much to the chagrin of a few friends (and a sister who thinks that I am too picky), I choose to wait on God for that man of destiny to desire me enough to Ready, Set, Go!

The Church Social or Dreaded Singles’ Event Part II

I was pleasantly surpised.

That pretty much summarizes my night at my church's revamped singles' night.

The difference between this and last time – I had table duties.

I got the great luxury of greeting people and explaining the process of creating a name tag, choosing a table, and getting refreshments.

Not so bad right. Well you decide.

Christian dance

There were two sets of praise and worship teams singing songs and whatnot. Great idea except now no one can hear me at the greeting table. I am shouting directions at people. People cannot engage each other in conversation. Everyone is reduced to being a spectator. I get that you want to set the tone of worship but two separate groups singing so many songs just seems like a disjointed concert.

There was a spoken word segment with one poet/rapper dude. Yep just one.

The best part of the night (and a keeper for future events) was a panel of two women and two elders answering questions from singles. I was getting some inciteful godly advice when someone asks, "What does the bible say about dating relatives?"


The night ended on kind of a dud with a few people being asked to give their testimonies. The idea being that we need to know what we have been through to bond or every thorn has a rose or some equally unfitting cliche. It probably would not have been so bad but these folks had gone through rape, incest, abuse, suicidal thoughts. Not really a pick-me-upper.

I stayed and helped clean up.

Positive: I did meet a few fun people. I signed up to facilitate a small group.

Not so positivie: Did not meet any potentials. Was not even sure there were any potentials there. Ratio of women to men still 80:20. Subtract the married, crazy and obviosly gay – 90:10.

Still par for the course but I have hope for the future

P.S. I was super cute! lol This goes under "Positive".