To Be Or Not

To be is the hardest thing to accomplish. Turn off all of your lights, tv, cell phone and any potential distraction – and just be.

Argh!!! It is darn near impossible.

I was attempting to learn to meditate. I read a bunch of articles online and decided to try it. After all, how diffiult is it to just breathe? I lay on my bed perfectly still and inhaled. I exhaled and inhaled again. Breathing slowly, deeply – I started to think about – EVERYTHING!!!

To be is to remove the noise and distractions. Lying there, alone, I could not find that place of complete silence. There is another level of activity beyond the noise. Thoughts are powerful and ever present. There is a an idea in psychology that you are what you think. If you dwell on negative thoughts long enough, then your behavior and mood will follow. Depression being the end result.

With the cacophony of sounds, distractions and thoughts constantly chiming, it is no wonder we are all wound up. I tried to peel away every layer of distraction – noise, electronics, thoughts. I concentrated on my breath. Beyond all of the outward trappings we labor for, it is all we truly have. This breath of life.

Suddenly, I was there. A place of peace and happiness. I realized I am not a failure or behind on my life goals. I am here alive and breathing. That is enough. Everything else is up to God.