I Guess We Have To Defend Watching Tyler Perry Movies Now

There is no monolithic black experience. PERIOD.

So no one individual, experience, or point of view represents all of us. Agreed?

With that said, why does all the Tyler Perry hatred center on – he is perpetuating negative stereotypes, he is a "coon", other talented black producers can't catch a break, he is BAD FOR BLACK PEOPLE. Really?

Where does this come from? I just read Siditty's blog.I love this blogger and she makes some valid points but girl lighten up. Everything is not a race movement. LOL

Tyler Perry writes from one perspective of the black experience. His movies have not been artistic masterpieces but darn it they are funny! I know at least I will laugh, cry and probably be annoyed all in the same film.

Read my review of his latest.

One more point - other black director's should learn from TP and TD Jakes. They built up a LOYAL fan base through plays (TP) and books, church(TD) and then launched movies.

All of you high-browed people who claim other directors don't get a break, did you actually pay to see their films? Are they breaking the marketing mold or simply rehashing the same broken formula? What other director would make Kimberly Elise (a very brown-skinned girl) the love interest in a romantic comedy?

Fans can make or break directors; not lofty philosophical arguments and brow beating.