Oh, and I Went To The Ballet

Nothing like seeing your employer on the news announcing possible layoffs to get a girl into the spring spirit. 

This has been my week in a few words.

Oh, and I went to the ballet.

Yes, that is the juxtaposition that is my life.

At least I looked really cute.

On Friday, I decided to shop by my job, which is an hour away (in traffic) from my home so that I could attend church. I spend all this time in my work shoes, feet KILLING me! After about an hour and a half, I realized shopping in the hood, like, really sucks. I also realized my church does not have Friday service.


I don't even remember Saturday.

Sunday was nice. I went to the early service. I and a new friend went to the Texas Ballet. It was really nice one I got past the super skinny girls and stopped counting how many ribs I could see.

I need more distractions in my life. Something in the line of this: