5 Moments You Should Keep Silent and Walk Away . . .Just Walk Away

Ever wonder when you should be that nice person to point out something or when you should mind your own business and walk away. Well, I have a guide, lol.

1.   The Gold Toofus – Sorry I was watching Martin reruns and that Gerome never gets old. I know someone with a big gold tooth right in the front of her mouth and every time she smiles, I hear *TING*. Like a little bell goes off in my head. It's too bad because she is really pretty. I know someone else with two gold caps on her incisors. They are not shiny and I hear no *TING* At times like these, I just walk away. SMH

2.  The Uda, Buda, and Cuda – The three sisters will tell on you. Ever know of someone who tells you that they have an alternative deodorant or hygience routine that they swear by and then the wind blows. Just walk away!

3.  The Boogie – I will tell a friend mid-convo if they have a visitor and I would expect the same treatment. Sometimes there is that awkward moment, when you don't see it until some time has passed and the conversation has gotten deep. Then you feel weird about bringing it up because you know that person is gonna be like, what took you so long. Too avoid such discomfort, just walk away.


4.  The Significant Other. . .of Another - Ever meet a friend's S.O. and the friend is so excited but the S.O. is a total jerk, weirdo or psycho felon? Anyone? Anyone besides me? A.W.K.W.A.R.D. Find safety first and then walk away!

 5. The Unqualified Advice Giver – These people love to interrupt quality conversations with what they THINK you should do. You ask them have they tried whatever advice that they are dishing out and off course *crickets* BUT they swear by it. After all, they saw it on Ricky Lake once. lol At times like these, I like to speak up but usually these types do not back down. If that ever turns out to be the case. Just walk away.


 What about you guys? At what times do you speak up and when do you just walk away?