Natural Hair Is The Stuff That Grows From Your Follicles


Your hair does not have to cascade down in abundant shiny spirals or coils. It does not have to be in a perfectly coifed 'fro or fade.

If you go into a natural hair journey looking to achieve some "look" and not just to embrace a healthy hair regimen, you will fail. You will cry your tears of defeat and go running back to the creamy crack A.K.A "The Relaxer".

This woman made me laugh but also saddened me. She clearly has not learned to love her hair just as it is. This constant search for the right product to give you some elusive curl pattern is illusive.

Natural hair is about being. . .natural. PERIOD.

Another Hair Post – Carol’s Daughter

I am SO disappointed. I SO wanted to like this product line.

You may know the story. A woman made some concoctions in her kitchen for hair, started selling it, made it big. Now she has big-time sponsors, Jada, Mary J, Oprah – so I HAD to try it.

I ordered the Hair Milk, Hair Butter, and Herbal Mint Shampoo from Carol's Daughter.


OMG. The stuff reeks. I mean it smells like the girl in class whose hair wouldn't grow so her mother put that awful Sulfur 8 hair grease in her head. Then gym came and the poor girl started to sweat and, well, you know the rest.

It left my hair soooo oily and grimy looking. I cannot believe it. I wanted to try this over Miss Jessie's product line because Carol's Daughter has natural ingredients and Miss Jessie's uses petroleum. However, Miss Jessie's actually works and Carol's Daughter was a big disappointment. Plus she charges prices equivalent to Aveda brand and uses cheaper ingredients like corn oil. Who wants to use corn oil on their hair?

Maybe she makes products for people with relaxers because they don't work well with my natural hair.

Has anyone used CD and had a different outcome? Please share.