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Fitness 2013 – The Plateau or the Cliff

I am not as obsessive with my scale nowadays. I get on it one every other day and not everyday :-).Seriously folks. For a few weeks, I had been gaining and losing the same 3 lbs. It was starting to get on my freaking nerves.I felt myself getting close the that cliff. That edge that tempts you to chalk it up to genes and eat the darn Doritos. We have all been there, right? Right? Ok, maybe just me.

Then I remembered my post – It's All Mathematics.

That extra slice of cheese, that helping of ice cream was all adding up. . .on my thighs. Back to the drawing board. I reviewed my diet and designed a workable plan. Back to my oatmeal in the morning. Plain yogurt and fruit for snack. Reasonable lunch 800 calories or less and a sensible dinner.


I reviewed my workouts via my phone app and I had slacked to about 3 times per week. My goal is to be at 5 times per week. Seriously, I have been working out extra hard with a trainer. Why put myself through that torture – and believe me it is torture – to undo it with mindless snacking, being lazy or eating out? 

In the words of Sweet Brown, 'Ain't nobody got time for that!'

I get on the scale today. For the last few days, those 3 lbs have stayed gone.

Shoot, I'm tryna be fine by my birthday.


I’m So Excited, I Think I’ll Take a Picture

I love photos. I like to get dressed, put on makeup and take an egregious bathroom self-photo. You know what I mean. They are on every Facebook page. Sometimes, I remember to clean the mirror and remove all of the toiletries from the counter first. Sometimes *insert sad face*

I am losing weight and would like to visually document the progress. I find before and after photos (untouched) of regular (non-famous) women so motivational. It is a real, physical reminder that what I am looking to accomplish is very doable.

As aforementioned, I don't just want to lose weight. I also want to be fly. *ignore the the fact that I just used the word aforementioned in a sentence* lol. One thread to all of the fabulous looking after shots is the use of weight training to transform the body's appearance.

I have not put a lot of recent photos of myself on Talulazoeapple but give me 8 months. You are going to get an eyeful.I may enlist the services of a photographer or get a camera with a timer. Don't know how comfortable I am with taking before shots with someone else. #decisionsdecisions

These are some of the motivating photos I have found via Black Women Do Workout.and a Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss.



Yep. #motivation

Brace Yourself It’s Going to Hurt

Growing up, it was a compliment to be a curvy woman. Coming of age, I quickly learned that to be a 'brick house' was the business. With this mentality, it easy to ignore your growing BMI (Body Mass Index) and health warnings. I have heard others state that those health charts did not apply to black women because we are naturally bigger girls. Comedian Monique had a stand-up centered around applauding the plus-sized sister.

I have since learned that this is just not the truth. There comes a point in life when you have to face that fact that you are over weight, the fact that you cannot go up a flight of stairs without becoming out of breath. You have to look in the mirror and honestly say to yourself, "That ain't baby fat, that's fat, baby." 

Mo’Nique Weight Loss before and after photos

The truth hurts.

Like truth, exercise hurts. Reread that sentence and let it settle in and then – GET OVER IT! Anytime you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, it hurts. By hurt, I mean muscle discomfort. If you have joint issues or back issues, see your doctor. Whenever you begin an exercise regimen, see your doctor first. Please know this: when you begin, it will hurt.

 When I started to jog, it was quite a task for me. The first five minutes was painful. I pushed through the initial hurt. I began to experience the release of endorphins. These chemicals are released from the brain to reduce the feeling of pain and increase mood. I started to experience a euphoria described as a 'runner's high'. Source: WebMD The body is well-equipped to deal with pain. Don't let it stop you from becoming a better you.

I faced the painful truth that I was no longer 'curvy' or 'thick'. I was fat. lol This enabled me to think clear-headed about my choices. I was able to go to the doctor and get a health assessment. I read books on nutrition. I stopped buying junk food. I am eating better and exercising. It all began with the truth, exercising and eating right,  and getting through the pain of it all.

There is a good feeling on the other side. I feel great after a workout or run. I understand that the initial discomfort will dissipate and on the other end is a feeling of satisfaction. I have not reached my goal weight, yet. When I look in the mirror now, what I see is progress. That is enough to keep me going.