Measurable Concrete Results, Eh?

I was walking my 3 miles on my beloved trail with a friend who suddenly asked, So what is your goal?

The rest of the conversation went a little something like this:

Me: My goal is to be fly.

Friend: Ok, you might wanna go for something concrete and measurable.

Me: I just wanna be fly. I guess I should come up with a number, huh?

Friend: A measurable goal like a number. Like I wanna lose ## pounds . . . and to be fly.

I started to think about numbers. I really just had an idea about how I wanted to look and feel. The number was not set in stone. I wrote a few weeks back about weight loss being all mathematics and I had left off my numbers.

So, here goes. I will not disclose my weight just yet; however, I will disclose my goal. I strive to lose at least 2 lbs per week. I would like to lose a total of 80lbs from where I am now. That seems like so much but I am inspired by so many women who have lost significant amounts of weight through diet and exercise. With a measurable goal in tact, I will reach my ideal weight in nine months.

A co-worker had a digital scale and I would obsessively weigh myself every day. I do not recommend this. lol. Co-worker has moved on and took her scale with her. 🙁 My fitspiration (a person who inspires me to stay fit) suggested I reduce my weigh-ins to once per week. I have to get a replacement battery for my digital scale but this is a concrete doable goal.

I neglected to workout yesterday and did a quick ten minute walk during break in the parking lot. I got a horn honked at me in a good way lol. Now to stop traffic. That's my ultimate goal. . . and to be fly.

How about you? How do you define your fitness goals?