On This Weight Loss Journey, We All Need A Little Encouragement

Every few months, I speak with a health coach. It is a thirty minute session sponsored by my insurance. I take full advantage of it. I had been in a blue funk lately, possibly some delayed reaction to my niece and nephew leaving and my big disappointment. When I get in these moods, I feel like I have no energy. The other day, when I normally would have been on my trail I was in bed sleep!

So, I get this call and a very energetic woman starts asking me about my progress. I am itemizing the changes I have made and my results. In the midst of her, 'Great' and 'You are doing such a good job' responses, something funny happened – I started to feel better. Blue funk and all, I have managed to stick with consistent workouts longer than I ever have in life.

My coach also logs my weight and other health info. When she states how much weight I have lost in a few months, I am like, wow, I am progressing.

My coach asks me how I think my diet and workouts are going. She suggests apps and websites to assist me. She even asks how am I planning to stay on track – down to suggesting I cook twice a week to help with my meal planning.

One conversation and I feel I am back on track. Last night I did my Abs Challenge workout. I woke up this morning had prayer and then started my leg raises lol. Talk about commitment. This healthy lifestyle is a journey. I was letting outside forces affect my mood which in turn affected my behavior. The cheering on of someone with no other interest in me except my progress was all I needed to get back on track.

A little encouragement goes a long way.

Staying on Track

Confession: I am going to need to extend my abs challenge an additional week. I did not do a single leg raise. There is really no excuse. I mean, there are excuses just not good ones. I have come to far to chunk the deuces to the whole challenge. Slightly disappointed in myself but I will just go another week.

Speaking of disappointments, I received one this week. It is difficult when someone you believed in turns out to not be that believable. Not that any human being is perfect but honesty goes a long way with me. I was a little down and was going to skip my workout when my nephew suggested we go to the trail. I am thankful for his motivation.

It is just so easy to get off track – a glitch in a schedule, a missed workout, fatigue or a disappointment. The key is to be consistent – to stay on track. I heard a sermon once – success comes from doing what you know is right regardless of how you feel. I felt like climbing in bed and pulling the covers over my head. Instead I got up and did my 3 miles.

My niece and nephew are going back home tomorrow *insert sad face*. I am going to have to find some internal motivation for those down days. Maybe I should buy a new dress. There is no therapy like retail therapy. lol


Fit 2013: Stick to the Plan, Stan

I have slightly injured myself. I was doing my 3 miles every other day, giving my body a day of rest. I got so excited about my body changing that I decided to up the ante.

I lost.

I went from having an occasional pain near my right hip joint to having very acute pain in both. Slow and steady wins the race turtle-girl. *Aesop fable reference. . .google it*

So, I did not do my trail today; however, I did get some exercise in.Today marks Day 1 of a 24-day abs challenge. I got this challenge from 75 year-old body builder Ernestine Shepherd. This woman is such a fitspiration of mine. I mean if she can do it, certainly, I have no excuses.

It ain't no fun, if the homies can't have none, right? lol I have begun the challenge with a small group of dedicated friends. Together we will hold each other accountable as we finish this challenge. I have included the challenge below just in case any of you, my readers, want in.


I can't decide if I want to post before and afters yet. I guess we'll see in 24 days.