A Little Box of Favor

I found a box of books. No lie!

I was taking out the garbage and sitting next to the dumpster in a neat little box were about 8 books all clean and looking fairly new.

I have never read any of the titles. They include the following titles:

  1. A Love Noire by Erica Simone Turnipseed.
  2. Rhythms by Donna Hill
  3. Mr. Potter by Jamaica Kincaid
  4. Gather Together In My Name by Maya Angelou
  5. One Day I Saw A Black King by J.D. Mason
  6. Using What You Got by Karen E. Quinones Miller

This week is a blessing but the enemy is always trying to bring me down. Then God sends me a little blessing just to remind me that He loves me no matter what.

Roses, baby, roses!

I wonder what I will read first.