Blogging Is So Like Exercise. . .

. . .it's so hard to start back up after a long break, but it feels so good after you're done.

**WARNING**This post is filled with odds and ends.

I completed my semester. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 "A's" and a "B". One more semester people and it's a wrap.

Was at the grocery store and saw the foxiest sixty-ish year old woman alive. She had on a fur coat, mini-skirt, high- heels, and a head wrap. I wanted to yell at her, "Momma, you betta weeerrrkkk!!!!"

Where is Usher? Why isn't he singing songs? I am so sick of these new R&B guys with whiny voices and no abs!!!! LOL!

I am really feeling working out at the "real" gym. Since school is out, I am gonna try to go more than twice a week.

I was gonna do a post about the "Michaeljacksonfication" of Sammy Sosa, but every time I look at this picture, I get grossed out.



So is Vivica Fox dating 50 cent again? If so, why? Didn't he totally diss her on Howard Stern or something?

Anyway, what's up in your world?