My 30 in 30 Starts Out Negative 1 – Exercising

So, today is the first real day of exercising for 1 hour per day. My friend TB inspired me so I enlisted a few others to join me. Today, I find myself sick and in bed all day. No workout for me. Now I am an hour in the hole.

I am thinking I can walk my 2, 15-minute breaks for two days to make it up. The real challenge is going to be getting in an hour workout now that my beloved Danceaton class has moved to a more expensive, less locations having fitness center.

Why, why, why!!!!??????

I guess I will have to give the other classes a shot. I have been seriously contemplating yoga. I would most def have to purchase a mat though. The mats at the gym are G.R.I.M.Y.

I could do 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on weights but the weights are grimy, too. It is so difficult trying to enjoy group fitness while slightly germophobic.

What is a girl to do?

I have also started cooking in bulk and freezing my food for lunch later on in the week. The pathway to success is paved in preparation!

OAN: The scale keeps declining. I think I have the right momentum.

Anyone else want to join the challenge? P.S. You can take the Holdisays off!

30 in 30 – No Eating Out: Day 4

I got a real challenge yesterday to my 30 in 30 – working off site. Thankfully, a coworker had gone the day before and had given me the scoop on the amenities – fridge, microwave, breakroom.

We have all heard the adage – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is very true concerning following an eating plan . So, I got up early and ate a quick breakfast wrap at home. Lunch/snacks consisted of a turkey with 100 cal wrap, avocado spread, grapes, 2 bananas, snap peas with a little kosher salt n vinegar.

Throughout the day, when I got hungry. I could snack on healthy stuff.

Good start so far. Tomorrow? Free lunch. Yeah me !

30 in 30 – No Eating Out

I have been inspired by my girl T.B. She did a 30 in 30 that included working out 1 hr per day for 30 days. I know that is not gonna happen for me with my current schedule; however, I came up with a variation of the challenge – no eating out at fast food, restaurants, takeouts for 30 days. This means going to the grocery store, cooking my own meals, and bringing my lunch to work every single day for 30 days.

So, what is the point?

The point is to take small steps toward my long term goals of physical and financial health. What does 30 in 30 have to do with finances? Here is the best part. All of the money that you would have spent on lunches and lattes, you get to place in  a jar. Then you decide at day 31 what you would like to do with it. It is all yours now that you have rescued it from Chic Fil A and McDonalds.

Today I had a soy crumbles taco on flat bread with an avocado for lunch. Not sure of the calorie count but I am certain it is much better than the 915 Calorie burrito bowl I had the other day from Chipotle. That's 8.64 in my jar!

Commitments are always better when there are others invested in the goal as well. Nothing like support and accountability to help propel you forward.

So, who is with me?