I Gave Up Cable, Now What?

Guys I have cut the proverbial cord – the cable cord. Saving money all over the place, which feels good. Have a whole lot of free time and less mental clutter. The challenge? Harnessing all this new found energy into something productive. 

I ain't gonna lie *no Fifty Tyson* I had some withdrawals. This past Sunday was the debut of the new Real Housewives of Atlanta. YET, I did not bow, I did not bend. I held my ground and surprise, my bank account is pleased. 

I cannot believe how much time I wasted on my reality shows. All of the time I could have spent working on my book. 

Yeah, remember that?

My mind is clearer. I abhor drama in my own personal life yet I had opted to allow other people's drama into my home for entertainment's sake. Surely real life has more to offer. In 2012, I am going to find out. 

SN: I have rediscovered PBS. They need the viewership, right? Ah, Charlie Rose, how I have missed thee!

Freeing myself of cable is the gift that keeps on giving. 

It Is A New Year

I am so glad that it is here!

Happy New Year readers. I really do appreciate you.

I have a set of new beginnings – a new job, a new place, a new hairdo. lol I am going to get my hair straightened and my ends clipped. Not to worry, this is a temporary do. I will be natural come Monday morning.

I am loving my new place. I am like 4 miles away from my work. The place is spacious and less than what I was paying before. With gas saved from the nonexistent commute, my budget is fat! lol

I love it so much I think I just may splurge a little and decorate.

The end of 2011 was about reorganization and planning. 2012 is about carrying that plan out.

I feel so excited when I read that friends are starting business and ventures. The people that I grew up with are living their dreams. So am I!

2012 is for the dream fulfillers. No excuses and no setbacks. I name and claim that one.