I Was Tagged

You've been tagged in this note so now you have to answer these questions by copy/pasting into a new note and tagging 20 of your friends. Do your worse!

1. Describe your worse date?
It was the one time I went out with a white guy in college. We went to Panera for lunch. He asked me to order so I ordered a Tuna Fish sandwich and drink. The guy was like, "oh, okay, I guess I'll have a PBand J and water. He didn't have enough money for the lunch!! LOL

2. Who was your worse girlfriend/boyfriend?
I'll pass on this one. Too many people know my business as it is.

3. What was your worse subject in school?

4. Describe the worse job you ever had?
I worked for a shoe store in a rough neighborhood. The crackheads used to come in and steal boots all the time. They even had a getaway car and driver!! Thank God for Deliverance!

5. Who was the worse friend you ever had?
I have a had a few crazy friends. They are the hardest to get rid of too.

6. What was your worse sexual experience?
No comment.

7. What was your worse parenting moment?
No kids.

8. Where was your worse vacation?
Haven't had a bad one yet. I know I complained but Cozumel was great!

9. Who is the worse role model in your life?
No one.

10. What is the worse lie you ever told?
I lied to get out of a whopping. . .and I'd do it again!!!

11. What is the worse thing you ever considered doing or did do?
I have always been a goody-goody.

12. What is the worse food you ever tasted?
My own cooking. LOL

13. What is the worse cell phone service?

14. Where is the worse place to live?
Hell! or The projects. Then again what's the difference.

15. What is a fate worse than death?
Being forced to wear panty hose that are two small. IDK. Never following your dreams. Giving up.

5 thoughts on “I Was Tagged

  1. Let me take these 5 at a time:
    1) My worst date was taking a lady out to eat at this real nice eatery in a mall. As we walked to the place, she made a hard right into a Robinsons-May, picked out a nice dress, shoes, purse, plopped them up on the cashiers table and expected me to pay for those things. Like a dummy I did. BUT! I drove her strait to her home, dropped her off, then told to don’t call me, I’ll call her.
    2) One girlfriend hung around for about a month, said all the right things, etc., then talked me into “loaning” her a grand to get herself a car. Neddless to say that when all the paper work was finalized, she said that our relationship wasn’t the right thing after all so I’ll see ya later, Smooth Thug.
    3)I liked all my classes.
    4)My lousiest job was at K-Mart. I had this boss who was constantly mad. If he didn’t anything to be mad about, he’d get mad about that.The customers drove me nuts! One lady returned some underwear, that she herself said she had put on, because she wanted her money back ’cause they didn’t fit right. NASTY!
    5)All my friends have been wonderful.

  2. The next 5″
    6)All she did was lay there, stiff, and had her eyes closed!
    7)My girl got into a fight at school.
    8)I have loved all my vacations.
    9)None really.
    10)Oh, boy. My mom asked me how was school one day after she got home from work. I said it went just fine. Really, really, me and my buddy Raymond ditched that day.

  3. 11-15:
    11) I once had this girlfriend; I was crazy about her. But she treated me with total disrespect… I’d call her up and she would answer with, “What do you want?” No “hi, how are you”, nothing like that. I went to the night club one night with the guys, there she was hanging all over this guy. You know, things like that. I would drop her and she would beg me to take her back. I finally had no other choice but to tell her to get lost. Well, some 2 or 3 years later, while drinking, I decided to mail her off a very nasty letter tell her what a ho’ and a slut she was. But I thought better of it and have been just fine since then.In fact, she was the very last Latin girl I dealt with. From then on I’ve dealt with only brown sistas and things have been wonderful since.
    12)None. That’s my problem; I’ll eat just about anything.
    13)They’re all the same… lousy!
    14) The North Pole.
    15) The worst fate there is is having to lay on top of someone who just lays there stiff and with their eyes closed.

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