My Cozumel Trip – Part I

I have no idea how to organize my trip so I will write what pops into my head.

Carnival Cruise is the cheesiest but I had a blast nonetheless. It is all a function of your traveling buddies. Back to Carnival, imagine all of the cliches of cruising you have seen on all of the sitcoms of the 80s – The Golden Girls, The Love Boat, etc. then drape them in gold lame and feathers and there you have it!

Overall I had a blast, I ate too much, and slept a lot. I got on the scale this morning and was surprised to find that I was down a pound. Go figure.

Shall I begin at the beginning?

We drove down from Dallas to Galveston and stayed overnight at a hotel still recovering from the hurricane, Ike, Rita, or whatever. That took forever.

Here are some pics from Day 1.




Leaving out of Galveston was actually pretty depressing. The water is brown and the scenery is very industrial. We drove through the island looking for a place to eat and found boarded up properties, leafless palm trees, and empty shopping districts.

As we lined up on the deck of the ship after our safety drill, there was no line of people waving us off. There was just murky water, oil rigs, and machinery.


The room was decent. My roomate was great (more in Part II). Luckily we had a window. The toilet smelled badly all week. The beds were really comfortable though. Thank God because the first day was really bad rocking. Once you get used to that, it's pretty much easy sailing.

Enough of the scenery, Part II gets into the drama and fun. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “My Cozumel Trip – Part I

  1. Show us some more pictures of the tropical scenery.By the way, Me and my wife honeymooned on the real, actual “Love Boat”, the Pacific Princes. We cruised down to Puerto Vallarta.

  2. BigPoppa and I went on a Carnival Cruise in ’07. It was xtra cheesy but it was so much fun. It was our first vacation with no kids. We ate and ate and ate. Oh and we drank and drank. We really enjoyed it. Our stops were Ocho Rios (fuuuunnn we climbed the falls), the Caymans (booooor-ring)and 1 more place but can’t remember. Anyway, what’d you think of the buffets? I wasn’t impressed. The regular dinners were wonderful though.

  3. I TOTALLY agree with you about the food. It was very school cafeteria but the dinners were a LOT better. I guess you get what you pay for.
    I will be posting more about the trip in a few hours.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics. You have inspired me to start posting my vacation pictures. Also you could not be more right about making sure everyone takes a vacation to somewhere at least once a year.

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