A Funny Thing Happened at the Grocery Store

I feel like my life is spent at the grocery store but anyway.

I am at the grocery store minding my own business when this guy flies past me and states, "Are you doing okay?" I am like, "Yes, thanks."

So I think wow that was nice of him to just ask how I am doing with no reference to anything sexual blah, blah, blah, what a nice guy.

I kid you not, the same guy passes me like speedy Gonzales and states. "You're looking good in them jeans." I look up to see him turn the corner in a blur.

First of all, if you are gonna say something like that be man enough to take the verbal lashing I am sure to give you.

So I leave the store and head to my car and I hear, "Excuse me Miss Lady." I turn around ready to Taboe chop a sucka when I see this guy.

He is like haven't we met before and I was like yeah, blah, blah, blah. I am looking at this guy and was thinking why did I not notice before how cute he is before. I mean his eyes were like freaking beautiful. Seriously. We spoke for a few minutes and that was that.

Standing in the parking lot, I had a moment of clarity. That guy was really a nice guy yet I had treated him like every other jerk that has approached me. Why was that?

Then it hit me, like an epiphany. I am the reason why I am single.  I have this really irrational fear of the unknown, meaning men. If I can't predict it and control it, I dismiss it.

That's the problem. Life and love are unpredictable.

I am thinking if he calls, I'll give him a chance.

I think breathing all of that salt water has cleared more than my sinuses.

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