My Ten Favorite Underused Actors

This is my list of underused actors, well African American actors. If someone is looking for a male lead, these would be my top ten choices, in no particular order. I have only included pictures of lesser known faces.

Khalil Kain – I remember the girls going crazy over him as Raheem in Juice back in high school. Most of us know him as he character Darnell on Girlfriends. He played Maya's husband. Khalil has had steady work over the years. He even played Regine's (Kim Fields) boyfriend Keith on Living Single.

Dondre T Whitfield – I can still hear Rudy Huxtable teasing Vanessa about "Robert!!" on The Cosby Show. Ah, puppy love. He is a fellow alumnus of the Girlfriends' cast, playing Joan's (Tracee Ellis Ross) boyfriend Sean. He did make an appearance in Bernie Mac's movie, Mr. 3000.

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Brian J White – Yes he was in Stomp the Yard. Yes, he was the gay dude in The Family Stone. But I loved him in Mr. 3000 also. Yeah rent that one.

Gary Dourdin – Why, lawd, why did Gary have to turn to the drugs? I have loved him since his Shazza day on a Different World. Many may recognize him as Warrick from   CSI, the original one. I will take you back even more. 1993 Janet Jackson's video for Again. Yep. Thats' him.

Blair Underwood – I know Blair Underwood is a well known actor but I always expected him to be a bigger star. Like Denzel, big. I would love to see him in big blockbuster type flicks. Sure Will Smith is fine but Blair is so freaking fine. LOL

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson – Don't laugh but I love me some Rock. I think he has amazing presence and good acting ability. There are so many roles you can put a guy that big in and have him not be typecast. He has been going the comedy route with Get Smart and Be Cool. As well as, the kiddie movies with Race To Witch Mountain. But when the Rock goes action again, I'll be in the front row.

Larenz Tate – Aw Larenz, was my boo back in high school through college. As Darius Lovehall in Love Jones 1997, he became a certified sex symbol. He has some serious acting chops too. Can we get another really good romantic drama? Please!

Rick Fox – I like Rick Fox as an actor and I don't care what any of you have to say about it. Yes he was in Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, but did you know he has been acting since 1994. That's right. You can catch him as Tasha Mack's boyfriend on The Game, too. Thank you. I know he is kinda on the pretty side, like almost too pretty but he has an amazing voice.

Harry J Lennix – My favorite Heartbeat from the Five Heartbeats. Another handsome one with an amazing voice. He has been in the Matrix franchise and on a lot of TV series. There are rumors of him playing the President due to a striking resemblance. I don't think he looks like President Obama but I would love to see him on the big screen.

Kadeem Hardison – I had a thing for Dwayne Wayne back in the day. He played lovable nerd to Whitley's diva. I have a thing for smart guys or guys who play smart guys on TV. In the eighties, Kadeem was the man. He was in Spike Lee's School Daze, A Ddifferent World, A Vampire in Brooklyn. Oh, never mind that last one. Hehehe.

8 thoughts on “My Ten Favorite Underused Actors

  1. You are so right! I seriously had a thign for Khalil and Laurenz. Still do! I have long wished they would have made a Love Jones 2 or something where I could see Laurenz touch my poetic/romantic heart again.

  2. Rick Fox??? Ah hell naw. Khalil, yeah you are right. I love him. I had a mad crush on Gary Dourdan after the Janet video. Did you know he used to be married to Roshumba Williams for a minute?

  3. Damn I gotta cross off Gary Dourdan, I forgot about him beating women. That is an automatic turn off. Cocaine is one hell of a drug, jacked him up.

  4. ROTFL at your Rick Fox comment.
    I did not know Gary was married to Roshumba. I still got love for him but he has had some problems. I hope he is getting help.

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