The Kingdom of Singles Loses A Member

I went to an engagement party last night. It was beautiful. The bride-to-be and I came to Dallas around the same time. Just a couple of years later, she is getting married.

The groom said something like, "if I could have created the perfect dream girl she would fall far below my fiancee." It was more poetic than that but I did not have a tape recorder. I wish I could accurately describe how he (the groom-to-be) recounted their courtship and proposal. It was refreshing to see a guy able to articulae his feelings so well. I mean every other sentence the crowd was like, "Awwww!" Or maybe that was just me. lol.

The bride-to-be seemed so happy, so in love. I am so happy for her. I know she really desired to be married. I love seeing dreams come true. I guess I am a romantic at heart.


I talked to my mom today and told her I feel like I am the last one left. You know you are fine being single when you have other people to be single with. Plus single is not really that bad. You have a lot of freedom to do whatever you please without checking with anybody. I love that part.


There is a certain sadness that comes with the realization that you are not 21 anymore and everyone you know is married, has kids and/or is booed up. I want to want to be married, too, but I feel like that is not where God has me right now. I feel like that is the next step right beyond the next step if that makes any sense.

I just hate when people around you start to panic about your singleness when you have not actually started to panic about it. They project their worries onto you. Then I start to wonder if I should be concerned. It's not like I am getting any younger.


My mom, being mom, says, "you know that saying, 'Save the best for last.'"

Yeah, I know that. I know God is saving the best for last. For that, I am willing to wait.

**P.S. This entry is not a solicitation for email offers of dating, IM chatting or anything else. So please stop it. You know who you are.**

2 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Singles Loses A Member

  1. **P.S. This entry is not a solicitation for email offers of dating, IM chatting or anything else. So please stop it. You know who you are.**
    On a more serious note I agree with your mother. I my best friend and brother married both six months after I did. I think they got wrapped up in our momement and both marriages have been horrible. One ending in a divorce that took 1.5 years to complete after only 6 mos of marriage and my brother and his wife are still hanging in but the writing is on the wall. It will happen when it should and you will know it’s a feeling that you can’t describe but YOU will know. Hang in there good things are coming your way.

  2. Thanks Kristin:
    I believe in Psalms 27, David writes I had had fainted unless I delieved to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
    Meaning he believed that good things were going to happen to him here on earth. So I receive that message from you.
    About the whole P.S. warning, some people just don’t get it so, I have to be blatant.

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