Quick Questions – The Relationship Series

1. What are your turn-offs of the opposite sex?

I hate insecure guys. I know that is unfair because we all get insecure about something. But if you are asking every five minutes how do I look, you think I'm hot, do I act gay? Un uh, you gotta go.

I hate guys with long finger nails, not a good look. Why are you preserving them? Will there come a time when you are in a bar fight and may need to scratch some man's eyes out.

I hate guys with long hair. It really does not matter the style; dredlocks, perms, goldilocks, no!


I hate guys with overly-stylish suits and are always pointing out how nice they look. Someone told me that their spouse/spousale equivalent wore ostrich-feathered pants. WTH?

I hate greasy guys. Why do you work out all oiled up? Were you frying chicken before you left the house? Is that supposed to be sexy?

I hate guys who follow you around; whether on foot or in a car. That ain't sexy. It's scary and the quickest way to get maced.

I hate guys who give you the crazy-eyed stare. I am sure you have seen or done it. It's universal. It's like the come-hither stare on steroids. DO. NOT. LIKE.

Drop your list in the comments, please.

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