The Grammy’s Wrap-up

Sorry guys my ADHD got the better of me and I nixed the whole live blogging thing. The Grammy's aren't what they used to be, since Michael Moonwalked off planet sanity. I can run down the entire bloated night in a few bullet points:

  1. Whitney Houston appeared. She still has not convinced me she has given up the whacky crack.
  2. Jennifer Hudson turned a sad moment even sadder with a sad song that she had to cut short due to breaking tears. She did take home Best RnB Album. Yeah!

  3. Chris Brown and Rihanna did not show up reportedly due to a 'domestic situation' in which he was later arrested, booked, paid bail and released. I am having flashbacks. It's Ike and Tina all over again.

  4. Rap music has jumped the shark with a 9-months preggers MIA "singing?" on Swagga Like Us. **Sidenote** How old do you have to be before rapping on stage is just a sad cry for help? I think Jay Z may be there.

  5. I did enjoy Jamie Foxx, Neyo, and Smokey Robinson joining the last surviving member of the Four Tops to do a medley of their hits.

  6. I did not enjoy Boys II Men being relegated to background singer duty so that that whiny-voiced Justin Timberlake could duet with Al Green. I actually believe Justin has agreat voice, I am just miffed that Boys II Men had to sing back up for that punk. Boys II Men!!!? Ugh!

  7. I wish Neyo had performed Closer. He has been killing the game since Usher been on lock down with new wife. Ohh which brings me to some crazy news:

  8. Usher cancelled last minute due to a 'family emergency'. News Reports are claiming that his wife, Tameka, who just recently gave birth to their second child had 'serious' complications from platic surgery down in Brazil. I really hope this account is exaggerated. This a year after Kanye West lost him mom, Donda to plastic surgery complications. Say a prayer for her.  .

I stopped watching about midway. So if anything noteworthy happened please leave in the comments.

4 thoughts on “The Grammy’s Wrap-up

  1. That’s exactly why I don’t look at shows like this, Stan. They get a little too out there for me.

  2. This was the first one I had watched in a while. Now I remember why I stopped watching them. For every good performance like a Four Tops tribute you get, there are about four others that just make your skin crawl

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