Sunday Inspirations – Jennifer Hudson

This performance is from The UNCF Tribute to Patti Labelle. I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E.!!!!

**Updated** Better Quality video.

I am searching for a better quality video. I will replace when I get one. So what do you think?

Fantasia singing Somebody Loves You Baby:

9 thoughts on “Sunday Inspirations – Jennifer Hudson

  1. The thing about this song is this wasn’t even a Patti LaBelle original. You remember Sam Harris from “Star Search”? He sang it first and she bit it from him. I was never a fan of her version because I always thought she was over-singing it. J-Hud’s version is a little more down to earth, but I’m still partial to Sam’s original.


  2. You are going back to far for me, Stan. The only thing I remember from star search is watching Sinbad with my family. He was the only memorable guest but then again I was just a little tyke.


  3. It was only 1985. Wasn’t sure if you knew about that or not. A lot of folks don’t remember him so Patti always gets the credit for that song. I’m sure she ain’t mad about that


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