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Does it annoy anyone besides me that Britney Spears has a comeback album but still does not have custody of her kids?

I am not a Britney Spears fan. I am usually content to ignore her and other pop acts like her. Yet, I am disturbed everytime I see her on TV. This for some reason seems perverse. The girl is clearly not stable yet someone thinks it is fit to get her half-naked and shoot a video. She is barely coherent in interviews. It's like Anna Nicole all over again.

Britney Spears

In other entertainment news, Jennifer Hudson is shooting a video for her next single, If This Isn't Love. If any of you remember my album review, this is the song I had on repeat forever. Is it too soon? Can we judge another person's grief process. Kanye West took virtually no time off after his mother passed. Given his recent behavior, I think maybe he should have.


What say you?

8 thoughts on “Quick Questions

  1. In the case of Hudson she might need to work to help her cope with her loss.
    The fact that Spears does not have custody of her kids does not really bother me because even if she did I assume they would be in the care of a nanny anyway.

  2. I think the custody issue speaks to her lack of mental stability. Not to judge but she does not have her kids, someone else is custodian over her money, yet she can have a comeback. Can you imagine if this was Beyonce or somebody?

  3. Spears will never get her kids back because she didn’t want them. I have a saying “everyone wants a baby but no one wants a child”
    Now that her babys require attention she has no problem going to see them every now and then. Brittney could be of the mindset, if I am paying to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and clothes on their back, that should be good enough. Kevin is happy getting the $$$ that he gets each month.
    Those two boys may turn out to be the next “Menedez Boys” who knows.

  4. I wouldn’t say the Melendez Brothers but celebrity rehab for sure.
    I’m not as hard on Britney as most. I felt more sorry for her than anything. She and her family wanted the superstar life for her but she was and may still be ill-equipped to handle it.

  5. I wouldn’t give Britney custody of her kids either: 1) The first marriage lasted what, about 5 minutes? 2) She lets Madonna slobber all over her in front of a national TV audience (Every time I see Madonna I wanna vomit. She looks so filthy and nasty to me). 3) She shaves her head bald. 4) She goes swimming in the water at Malibu Beach in her underwaer. Britney don’t sound like she’s wrapped too tight.
    As for J-Hud, if she’s ready to go back to work, then she’s ready to back to work. Bless her sweet and precious heart.

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