The Day After Thanksgiving

I can not believe it's raining here. To bad for all of those black Friday shoppers. I have no need for material trappings. (This is what you tell yourself when you are budgeting. If you repeat it enough times you actally start to believe it.)

Thanksgiving was cool. I did not fly home but I did share Turkey Day with my friends' family. Her mother-in-law invited me over so I have to send her a big shout out.The food was great. I am really trying to stick to my diet. I may have found the three pounds I lost yesterday. She gave me an entire sweet potato pie. A really good pie. I tell myself that sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and vitamin A and not technically a dessert.(This is what you tell yourself when you are dieting. If you repeat enough times, you actually start to believe it.) Great food, good times.


One of the best things about Thanksgiving gatherings, besides the food, is the conversation. The one topic that we gravitated toward was, of course, the Obama's. Given the response to my previous post, I had to ask the men present, do you find Michelle Obama attractive?

The women present said yes, the men said no. I guess men and women find different things beautiful on a woman. The guys did unanimously agree that she had a big butt. IDK.

So, I am gonna leave it at that. No more arguments from me. I will try to hunt down some guys who find her attractive and the arguments may resume. Until then. . .

8 thoughts on “The Day After Thanksgiving

  1. Michelle Obama is a not bad looking lady. I like the fact that she’s not slutty looking. Let me offer an examlpe.
    When Lisaraye McCoy became the first lady of the Turks and Caicos Islands, what did she start doing from day one? She started hitting every disco in town. So what, you say? Yes, but did you see how she was dressed? She wore blouses that featured half her boobs hanging out the front; very, very unfirst lady-like. Michelle, on the other hand, on January 20th, at those formal inauguration balls, is going to look stunning; she will be the very definition of elegance. Back in the 70’s, there was a disco song I liked. One of the lines of that song applies to Michelle Obama and how she will look on inauguration night; the line says, “… you’re such a classy lady, you were made for this night.”

  2. I am quite surprised, that they don’t find her attractive; I have now concluded that Hollywood has become to make even our African American women plastic. Men say that they want a real woman; and she is the closest thing to a real woman; one who can clean up real nice but still hold her own day to day.

  3. I can’t resist saying that I knew it wasn’t just me, nor can I resist pointing out that this can’t simply be about a predisposition toward fair skin/Eurocentric features.
    Speaking of predispositions, I think women are predisposed to say they think she’s attractive because of what Michelle represents –a so-called “real” woman– rather than her physical attributes.

  4. Misherlae:
    These same men are surprised when they bring their “plastic” wives home and find out she can’t cook, has no class, hates his mother, and sleeps around.. LOL

  5. LH:
    I knew you would get a kick out of that validation but I truly believe women and men just find different things attractive. There was some poll that asked peoplewho was more attractive, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. Women overwhelmingly chose Aniston whereas men chose Jolie. So, I am trying to get to the heart of the matter, the reasoning behind those choices.

  6. I am sure if you heard but Lisa Raye is no longer with the Prime Minister; if I am correct, the Prime Minister was caught with some chick who used to be on 106 and Park. The media has reported that the break up with the Prime Minister has gotten as ugly and ghetto as Kiesha and Tyrone at the corner

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