Quick Question -CNN Heroes

Did anyone watch CNN Heroes last night? I was balling my eyes out. I was a little disturbed that they chose a CNN Hero of the Year. Why create a hierarchy? I mean the people represented were doing some amazing, incrediable things, without being rich philanthropists. I did not think they needed a winner. IDK.

What  did you think?


One thought on “Quick Question -CNN Heroes

  1. I don’t have cable so I didn’t get to see this particular program. Does “CNN Heroes” refer to people who have done things that have made a difference in their community? Please help me out a bit. If the program was about local community activists, we have one here in Los Angeles named “Sweet Alice” Harris. She is tireless in her work for the benefit of the Afro-American community. The only day she doesn’t work is Sunday, and that’s because she’s at church. Amazing lady.

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