How Long Does It Take To Heal A Broken Heart?

This question brought to you by T.B.

The answer: I DON'T KNOW!!!

I have only been in love once in my life. Needless to say it did not end well, but unfortunately, I have not found anyone worth falling in love with. That experience was so long ago, I find it difficult to conjure up those emotions. But I have had several crushes, but I digress.


I will give you the steps that worked for me to GET OVER IT:

1. ACCEPT THAT IT IS REALLY OVER – Don't allow your mind to concoct fantasies of him/her realizing you are this amazing catch, him/her going thru a spiritual metamorphosis, and riding in on a white horse to snatch you up. Holding on is just another way to keep your heart from letting go. 

2. GIVE UP THE GUILT - There is always the shoulda, would, coulda mind game you play on yourself. I believe when we pray and ask God, is this person for me? He will give you an answer. Most often it's not the answer we want so we keep bumping our head against a brick wall.

3. GIVE UP THE HATE/ANGER – Don't act like you didn't have that ugly emotion. You know when you think of somebody and say to yourself, I wish I could just kick them in the butt with steel toe boots. What? That has never crossed your mind. Oh, maybe that's just me.

4. FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE, FOR REAL – Self-discovery is amazing. It will lead you to your dreams and heart's desire if you let it.

Breakup 2

5. BE COOL BEING ALONE -  When you show up to events without a friend, it forces you to mingle and meet new people. I know this is scary at first but it's worth it. Plus all eyes will be on you.

6 . BE OPEN TO NEW LOVE – This is the most difficult of all. If you are still carrying a torch for an old flame, you will not be able to recognize the light of someone else waiting in the wings. Trust me, I know, you will spend your time with a wonderful person, thinking and wishing for someone else. When that person is gone and you are much older you will sit around thinking, Man, he was really cute, too. lol

I think I am in the latter stage of step 5. How about you?


6 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Heal A Broken Heart?

  1. Thank you for this post. I have been considering changing my decision to never contact my last beau. It has been over a year since I saw him last, and he did attempt to contact me a couple months ago. But I realized and have to remind myself everyday that he treated me like I didn’t matter to him the entire year we had dealings with each other and the truth is I know nothing would change. And I deserve better. So I think I am right with you…number five.

  2. Myowne:
    Thanks for words. Don’t worry we can get thru this together. I will be sure to keep you guys posted via the blog when I get to step six.
    Once you let go and let God, you will seriously think back and say, what they heck was I thinking? Seriously!

  3. The visuals are great. Still would have loved to see the Queen Video.
    I am toggling in between Step 2 and Step 3. Let’s same I’m at Step 2.5. I have just resolved to do 20 push ups and 20 squats everytime I want to call my ex. I will drop at 5 lbs in the next two months for sure. LOL

  4. T.B.
    I have not looked for the video yet. Hey you keep that up and you might be at number 6 before you know it.
    If I could only find the motivation to do a couple squats or something.

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