My Recital – Youtube

I am becoming more tech-saavy the more I blog. I  started a Youtube channel for I will update with interesting videos I manage to gather. Here is my first recital in case you could not view the first link. Feel free to leave a comment here or on Youtube.

7 thoughts on “My Recital – Youtube

  1. Oh the Sound of Music is one of my absolute favorites. You sound great! I am tone deaf for the most part so you may not want to take my opinion but I am sufficiently jealous. Go girl!
    I love meeting people with hidden talents.


  2. Hey Taula I just read the commets that the first song was from My fair lady, I think I was getting it confused from the rain scene in the Sound of Music. Nonetheless you still sounded great.


  3. Jazzy:
    You probably got confused because Julie Andrews was in both. The Sound of Music movie and My Fair Lady on broadway.
    Thanks for the compliment. I really had to work on my pronunciation because (I am told by my instructor) I have a midwestern accent, being from Chicago, originally.
    You probably can sing to and just don’t know it. lol


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