Sarah Palin’s Coat of Many Colors

That Sarah Palin sure is talented. She's a politician, a mom, a beauty contestant, and apparently an original  Dreamgirl.

6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Coat of Many Colors

  1. ROTFLOL!!! You ain’t right. And you just KNOW they spent forever trying to get the coordination of that choreaography together!

  2. Not that this video does, but I’m feeling uneasy about the piling on that’s happening to Sarah Palin.
    The GOP has been going after her in a way that makes it more plain than ever that she was nothing more than a sensational stunt. But don’t they get that the worse they make her seem, they worse they look?
    I say it’s time to give the woman a break.

  3. I agree. This video just kept calling me, saying upload me, upload me!!!
    Just kidding. I think they were wrong to call her kids “hillbillies” and release the ‘Africa is a country, not a continent’ stuff. But if the GP wants to implode who am I to stop them.

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