The Secret Life of Bees – A Review

Loved it!

Like the honey these bees produce, TSLOB is syrupy sweet and quite the tear jerker. The movie is cast for the perfect musical but there is little singing in this tale of womanhood and strength.


Dakota Fanningis formidable as the emotionally injured Lily Owens on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Jennifer Hudson is standout as her physically injured and equally searching sidekick. Jennifer is shaping up to be quite the actress. She is so believable as Rosaleen.

Queen Latifah doesn't have to prove anything to anybody. She is definitely a fine actress in her own right. Alicia Keys had that sister-with-an-attitude style on lock.

I won't give too much away. I will tell you this is a movie worth seeing but I must forewarn you to bring your tissues. I heard so many sniffles in the movie theater, but you will feel good in the end.

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