The Earth Shakes

Unbeknownst to me, here in Texas we experienced 4 minor earthquakes Thursday night around midnight. Thank God I slept through them all. Are we being forewarned? Or is it the possibilityy of the United States electing it's first black president ever causing the earth to shift on its axis.


Record turnout, last day of early voting, …hmmm.. I see a correlation.

It is weird to find out that the earth supposedly shook beneath you and you were non-the-wiser. I guess that's how women feel who have been married a few years. Hehehe!!! I keed, I keed.

2 thoughts on “The Earth Shakes

  1. Earthquakes happen so often here in southern California that we don’t pay too much attention to them anymore.
    Here in the Los Angeles area, people are registering to vote in record numbers. A poll by the Los Angeles Times has Barack ahead of McCain by 9 percentage points. On friday, I went around the entire community putting “Vote for Obama-Biden” fliers under the window wipers of every parked car I saw. No, I didn’t get myself cursed out this time. LOL.
    If I may, please let me tell you something interesting. I have this neighbor, not the kind where we side by side. It’s the type of thing where our backyards face eachother; Can you picture what I’m talking about? Our backyards face eachother and the only thing separating our yards is a 6 foot high cinderblock wall. On his front lawn he proudly displays a McCain-Palin sign while I proudly display my Obama-Biden sign on my front lawn. Here’s where I’m going with this: I have noticed that when I go out to my backyard to cut the grass, trim the plants and bushes, etc., my nieghbor will get into his backyard to do yard work too, but he will also turn on his radio, tune in to the Rush Limbaugh Show, and turn the sound up kinda loud. Well, one day I stopped mowing the grass, sat down and took a listen at Rush Himmler, I mean Rush Limbaugh. You should have heard all that hate, bigotry, and racism he was talking about. He was talking about how this mortgage and financial mess we’re all in is the fault of the Afro-American community! But that doesn’t surprise me. One time Rush Goebbels, I mean Rush Limbaugh said that James Earl Ray should be given a medal. As we all know, James Earl Ray was the person who assasinated Dr. Martin Luther King. But Good ‘ol Boy Rush isn’t the only person out there with a sick, twisted mentality. Please Google James T. Harris. This degenerate has compared Obama supporters to Hitler Youth.

  2. All naysayers will be silenced when Obama becomes president. It just goes to show that their brand of race-baiting and hatred is antiquated and dying. So, he can holler all he wants his audience is aging and will die out.

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