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Lauren london

A few months back, actress Lauren London (played in ATL), caught some flack for publicly stating what most say in private; she LOVES a thug.

So you want a man who’s both honest and thug? An authentic gangsta—that deletes about half the rap game off your list. I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that.


London references the 1993 film Menace II Society. In the film, one of the main characters kills a convenience store clerk in the opening scene. This is a "turn on" for her.

Lauren wayne

In my earlier post, For The Record, I hate Thugs, the use of the word "hate" on my part is very deliberate. I don't "hate" the person but I hate the actions and the mentality. Do you know how many men sit in prison for crimes committed trying to impress a beautiful woman such a Lauren. I understand she is young, 21 I believe, but many young men come to believe to compete they have to be hard, have to be gangsta. 

This is wrong. We women have to stand up and say it's wrong. 

3 thoughts on “More On Thug-Loving Women

  1. We all knew what you meant by “hate”. Just as in “hate the sin, not the sinner”.
    Anyway, it’s generally an age thing. I have found that most women grow out of that “thug love” phase by the time they reach their thirties. Most women. There are still those that don’t come around, but they are in a very small minority.
    At that young age, those girls still think they are invincible. As such, they think their men are invincible too and can do whatever they want. But for Lauren to say that she was turned on by him killing a guy?! Even though we know it was just a movie, that is still disturbing.

  2. On an unrelated note, I just now noticed you have a category dedicated solely to TJ Holmes. T…T…T…what are we gonna do with you?!

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