Guys and Girls

I had a funny conversation with ______ last night. He doesn't like his girlfriend anymore. The same girlfriend he called just three weeks ago to let me and the ENTIRE clique know he was dating. He wanted my opnion.


I for one make it a point never to come out too strongly for or against any person one of my siblings/friends are dating. So, I asked him why and gave him some pointers on how to improve the situation. He gets upset and says "pick a side Sweden!"

I say, "nope, I'm Canada on this one."

Why can't guys just be honest? I did tell him that in order to attract the kind of woman he wants, he needs to become the kind of man that future woman wants. I believe the opposite is true for women.

If you want an intelligent man, speak and act intelligently. Stop dropping it like its hot at the faintest sound of a Lil' Wayne beat.

If you want a man with a body like Tyson Beckford, you can't have a body like Roseanne. (That reminds me, I need to walk for an hour when I'm done posting

We all hear that same old tired refrain:

"But I have a good heart."

Yeah but look what he/she has to dig through to get to it!! Your thoughts please.

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  1. That whole Tyson Beckford/Roseanne theory isn’t necessarily true. I’m sure you’ve heard of “chubby chasers”. Plus, money and/or personality (but mostly money) seems to be the great neutralizer when it comes to looks also.

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