Questions I Have After Watching Too Much TV

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1. Why would I buy a Shamwow when papertowels exists? Oh, I know why. They're made in Germany.

2. Why do the people on the eHarmony commericals look like the exact same people from the Valtrex (herpes drug?) commercials? Isn't that creepy?

3. Why are old men singing on TV about taking Viagra? If you need Viagra, do you really have that much to sing about?

4. Whatever happened to that woman who fell and couldn't get up? Why didn't the camera crew help her?

5. Why am I wasting all of this time and money getting my MBA, when I could have a new career as a medical assistant in less than 12 months? Those women on the commercial look really happy too.

6. I actually own a Ped Egg and it really works!

7. How much do you wanna bet that Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz and Beyonce do not color their hair at home with that stuff in a box?

8. Is it me or is that T Boone Pickens one shady looking dude?

9. Is it wrong to make fun of the old lady at the McCain rally who called Obama an Arab soley based on her ridiculous wig?

10. Why can't I just turn this thing off?

6 thoughts on “Questions I Have After Watching Too Much TV

  1. LOL! Seriously though, speaking of the lady that couldn’t get up…I’ve always wondered something similar when I watched those Sally Struthers infomercials from back in the day. She was all crying about how we need to send money for those starving kids and I’m thinking couldn’t the people there filming and taping that have given them some food?!

  2. The Lady who called Barack Obama an arabic was hilarious. John McCain was like no, no. And grabbed the mic back. I nearly peed my pants. You should post it on ur blog.

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