Loose Lips Sink Ships – Celebrities That Blab

Sinking_ships This week I have been bombarded with news from celebrities talking WAY TOO MUCH about their private escapades.

I was over at Black Voices.com and I land on an article with Chili from TLC. EVERYONE knows she dated USHER, but in this article she talks about her other romances, including TJ Holmes (Why Lawd? WWHHYYYYY?) Then she sends out an open invitation to THE ROCK, even stating that she knows that he is divorced. **note to Chili: Men can smell desperation a mile away.**end note**Chili_and_usher

I was on Brown Sista and read about a rapper "Young Jeezy" (?) spilling the beans about his relationship with singer Keisha Cole. He mentioned how HE turned down HER proposal to HIM.

THEN I read some random dude (also a rapper) mention how singer Brandy did him a *ahem* "favor" while he worked on Moesha with her.

It is always interesting that the more your read the article, interview or watch the youtube video the artist spilling the beans has some new project coming out. Can you say cheap publicity trick, children? I knew that you could.

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