This Is What Sisterhood Is About!

I know a lot of people take issue with Alicia Keys, due to her quick rise to stardom, but I like her. This video is part of the reason why.

Back during the whole Dream Girls drama, all you heard was Beyonce/Jennifer feud ad nauseum. Many wondered why don’t these two fabulous sistahs just wreck the game and do a duet.
Well, Miss Keys shows us how it is done. She performed with the best female groups of my era, IMO. Kudos to her for sharing the spotlight.
I remember back in the day me, my sister, and my then best friend would meet on my porch and sing SWV/Escape songs. We were gonna be the next hot group. "Wenangife" LOL. That’s short for Wendy, Angie, and FeFe. ROTFL.

2 thoughts on “This Is What Sisterhood Is About!

  1. Wenangife!!!!!!!
    don’t stop, get it get it!
    There’s always time!
    Thank you for posting the video.
    AKeys and the ladies look AMAZING!
    En Vogue and SWV on stage. I LOVED IT.

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