The Clark Sisters

My favorite singer in the ENTIRE world is Karen Clark-Sheard. She is one fourth of the premier gospel group The Clark Sisters. Their mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark is a legend in the Church of God in Christ, the pentecostal denomination in which I was raised. She is credited as the first composer/director to commit the choir sound onto a record. She is alo the first to seperate the three vocal parts into soprano, alto, and tenor.

Back to the Clark Sisters, Expect Your Miracle is played in my car nearly everyday. Each sister has had much success as individual artists but Karen’s vocal delivery and range has garnered her the position of favorite Clark Sister IMO.

Most of today’s "soulful" singers owe their styles to techniques The Clark Sisters made famous. 

You can learn more about them here. Or take a listen.

2 thoughts on “The Clark Sisters

  1. Are you COGIC? I’ll tell you what…COGIC folks be having some serious church. When my frat brother’s mother died who was COGIC, that was the LONGEST funeral I had ever been to. Folks was sangin’ and catchin’ the Holy Ghost up in there all day. It was pushing three hours before they even got to the part of leaving to go to the graveyard.

  2. Three hours? That was a short one. LOL. Man, I have spent so many days in church than I can count. It’s all good. It helped shape me to who I am. I belong to The Potter’s House now, TD Jakes church. It’s not GOGIC technically, but he preaches the word and that’s what’s important.

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