I Heart Michelle Obama

I was running late for my new internship, when my supervisor called and said she would be late because Michelle Obama was on the View and she wasn’t leaving until it was over. Thank you God, I whispered as I sat back down on my sofa and listened to the rest of the show.

Whoopi said it best. Michelle is a fine representation of a strong woman of color. Unlike the images that are often portrayed in the media – you are either the angry, drama queen or the slutty vamp temptress.

When I was little girl, I knew I wanted to be a professional independent woman, but I did not have a lot of role models who were that. My mother taught me morals and how to work hard, but I wanted a path to sophistication. The fictional Claire Huxstable was my template for many years. Now I have another, Michelle Obama.

Tell me your feelings?

2 thoughts on “I Heart Michelle Obama

  1. I love the Obamas…Michelle is such a beautiful and accomplished woman of color. She really makes me proud every time I see her. I watched the View too and I was glad that Whoopi said what she did about there being a lack of positive images of dark black women in the media. It is so true…however, Michelle is doing such a great job counteracting those images with her grace and class 🙂

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