Helen Folasade Adu – SADE

Yes that is the real name of soul artist Sade. Can you believe Smooth Operator came out in 1984. Good grief I was a toddler. Why do I rememember that song so fondly? I was jus a kid, but as previously revealed, I am an old soul. "By Your Side" (2000) is my all time Sade favorite. The video is beautiful and Sade is stunning. The lyrics of the song are so simple and pure and her delivery is unmatched. This is some good cleaning the house music. LOL

2 thoughts on “Helen Folasade Adu – SADE

  1. I was 14 back then and remember it clearly. That was back when we still had a lot of good R&B around. Matter of fact, it was back when hip hop was REAL hip hop and not that commercial rap that’s out there these days.

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