Tamara Dobson and Me

Tamara In my ode to the Afro, I want to highlight some fearless women whose signature coif set the trend. I cannot speak of Afros and not mention actress Tamara Dobson, AKA, Cleopatra Jones.

Some people say I look like Jill Scott. I think I look more like a plumper Tamara Dobson. Am I vain? LOL. Both chicas rock the Afro beautifully.

I became intrigued with Tamara’s story and did a little research. She was a model turned actress best known as the femme fatale in the Cleopatra Jones movies of the 1970’s. This stunning 6′ 2" woman mastered martial arts and fashion in one swooping kick of her platform clad foot. She was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Tallest Leading Lady in Film.

She and Author Ash broke color barriers by being the first two African Americans to reside in the ritzy Carnegie House Condominiums in New York.

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Bwp_tamaradobson_6 Tamara_dobson Tamarad Tamaradobson1Unfortunately, Tamara passed away in 2006 from complications from MS and Pneumonia. This is an eerie detail, seeing that Lola Falana was diagnosed with the same disease.

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