I Wonder

Does something that happens halfway across the globe affect life in my little bubble?

I spend my days between home, school, church and blogging. I occasionally go to a friend’s or to the mall. I complain on the phone about what I ain’t got and what I am trying to get. Yet halfway around the globe an entire country is reeling from the devastation of an earthquake.

We complain about high gas prices but we are still able to fill up. Thousands of miles away people are rioting in the streets of Haiti over food prices.

I contemplate these things whenever I get to caught up with myself and the things I want. I reflect and try and be thankful for everything that I have. Yes, EVERYTHING.

I am grateful for my life, a place to live, my family, friends. I am even grateful for the high gas prices. Everytime I fill up it forces me to think about the time I did not have a car and had to walk/bus it everywhere.

I was watching the cable news networks and the DNC coverage in regards to Michigan/Florida. Grown women were screeching and crying over a candidate not getting her way, meanwhile where are the tears for the hundred thousand dead from a cyclone in Myanmar.

I am not trying to bring ya’ll down, but living in a bubble can make you lighteheaded. The next time you feel like you are getting the short end of the stick, stop, say a prayer of thanks, knowing that you are safe, well fed, and have a future. Instead of looking in with self pity think what have I done to help someone else today.

Trust me. It will change your life.

The Red Cross

The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center

3 thoughts on “I Wonder

  1. That’s why everyday I do my “Things to Be Grateful” for entry. It forces me to sit and think about the things I taked for granted.
    I made up a rule that I won’t put the common things on there like God, family, friends, health, etc. because if I did, I’d be talking about it every week. However, just the fact that Friday hits and I know that it’s time to do that entry, I do think about those most common elements that I often overlook on a daily basis

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